Battle of the Hypercars Aston Martin Valkyrie vs Mercedes Project ONE

Mercedes Project One
Mercedes Amg Project One Reara

Battle of the Hypercars Aston Martin Valkyrie vs Mercedes Project one

The Hypercar market is heating up with the launch of Aston Martin and Mercedes latest masterpieces. Aston martin have launched their revolutionary Valkyrie AM-RB 001 Hypercar which was built in partnership with Red Bull Racing. The Valkyrie is powered by a high revving naturally aspirated V12 engine which is mounted to the light weight body of the Valkyrie with its 1:1 power to weight ratio. Aston Martin have announced that there will be a road and track only version of the Valkyrie although the road version will be more than enough for any track day.

Mercedes are also competing within the Hypercar space with the launch of their latest marvel the Project ONE. Mercedes have made a bold decision, doing something no one has ever done which is to produce the first road car with an MOT that is powered by a Formula 1 engine. The Project ONE truly is a Formula 1 car for the road filled with all of the latest hybrid technology and aerodynamics of which the roads have never seen before. With an output of 1000hp and top speeds of 217mph the Project ONE defiantly qualifies as a hypercar and showcases why Mercedes are so dominant within motorsports with technologies and engines far superior to their competitors.

aston martin valkyrie
Aston Martin Valkyrie
aston martin valkyrie
aston martin valkyrie

Which is the better car?

 Although both cars more than qualify as Hypercars and cars of the future they both take different approaches and are different cars. For example, the Project ONE is powered by the hybrid Formula 1 engine whilst producing 1000hp. The Valkyrie takes a different approach as Aston Martin chose the power the Valkyrie with a naturally aspirated V12 engine and build the car to a 1:1 ration meaning there is 1hp per kilo so both cars will have more than enough power. Although both cars have around the same power output the deciding factor between the two cars will be your opinions towards the hybrid engine and Naturally aspirated V12. Do you want a light engine within incredible performance? Or do you want that high pitch scream of a naturally aspirated V12? This is simply down to the eyes of the beholder and what you want to get from a car. Personally, nothing beats the high pitch scream of the V12.

Another Factor with the engines is the life of both engines the Mercedes engine being a Formula 1 engine doesn’t have a very long-life due to its high revs. Mercedes have tackled this by limiting the revs of the engine to 11,000rpm to prolong engine life. Although the Valkyrie’s engine also revs to 11,000rpm being a V12 not as much strain is put on the engine meaning a longer engine life. Although with the price point of both cars being in the millions engine life is not a huge factor when it comes to purchasing both cars. The appreciation potential of both cars is more than enough to draw the eyes of car collectors.

Both cars are aesthetically pleasing to look at, the Project One with its aggressive front and rear end both crafted to suit aerodynamic requirements. The large air scoop that sits above the car feeding the 1.6 Hybrid F1 engine air. At the rear of the car sits an aggressive rear diffuser and spoiler with active aero giving the car a mean presence. The Valkyrie on the other hand is a much softer car to look at with its light weight futuristic design the Valkyrie lacks the aggressive aero design of the Project One the Valkyrie is a lot more subtle despite their differences in design and approach both are engineering masterpieces.

So, given money was no object and availability was not a problem which one would you choose? The Valkyrie or the Project One?

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