Watch as Chris Harris unleashes the all new Ferrari 812 Superfast. Fitted with a naturally aspirated V12 producing 789bhp and 530lb ft of torque this is by far the fastest and most aggressive road going car that Ferrari has ever built excluding of course the LA Ferrari which in itself is a completely different animal.

Presented with the Beautiful sight that is Fiorano Ferrari's own test track it did not take long for Chris to realise that he was at the helm of something truly special. The 12 cylinder roared as he planted his foot down the long straights of Fiorano that distinctive sound so rare to hear with everyone switching to turbo charged engines. The 812 Superfast was perfectly balanced as it powerslides through the corners with the 530ft lbs of torque eating up those Pirelli P Zeros.

One thing was made perfectly clear the thing is a whole load of fun, with the exception of a slightly bumpy ride on the road and its uncomfortably wide road presence there is nothing like it currently on sale so if your looking for a naturally aspirated V12 and have a spare £250,000 then this is your car.

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