500bhp TVR Griffith Springs back to life

TVR Griffith

TVR has been revived!

The long awaited revival of TVR has finally come about with the launch of the brand new 500bhp moster the Griffith. TVR has revived one of their old classics with the new beautifully designed exterior and futuristic interior everything required of a modern day sports car. The car was launched at the 2017 Goodwood Revival and was a big hit with the crowd showing great interest in the newly designed Griffith.

TVR partnered with Gordon Murray to design the Griffith. Gordon Murray himself is no stranger to the car industry with the design of the iconic McLaren F1 to his name and certainly has pulled off another beautifully designed sports car. TVR also partnered with Cosworth for the 500bhp V8 which sits mounted in the front engine bay. Cosworth are also a huge name to be associated with as they hold one of the greatest reputations, alongside their partnership with Ford for cars such as the Sierra Cosworth.

TVR are now accepting deposits on the Griffith with a total number of 500 launch cars being made available for less than £90,000 with delivery of the cars expected towards late 2018. With its dashingly good looks, futuristic interior and naturally aspirated V8 the Griffith is nothing less than a steal for £90,000 and would certainly be on our bucket list.

TVR Griffith Rear

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