UK Diesel and Petrol Car ban set to damage British automotive Manufacturing

UK Automotive Manufacturing

The recent pledge from the UK government to ban new diesel and petrol cars by 2040 has left the door open to many different questions as to how they plan to do this. There are many unanswered questions regarding the statement as to how the government plans to create the renewable energy sources to run electric cars. Currently fossil fuels are used to create this electricity which is counter productive to what they are trying to achieve through this pledge as the whole reason for the pledge is to reduce pollution and create a better environment.

There has also been backlash from the current British automotive manufacturers such as the Aston Martin boss who sees the ban as absurd he sees this as a lack of support for the car industry which has been performing so well within the UK with high end car manufacturers such as Aston Martin and McLaren Expanding. This ban will mean all of the current models these companies produce will either have to be converted to electric motors or scrapped completely. The ban could lead to the UK having its racing heritage and reputation for well built luxury vehicles stripped away with the risk of our very own British Manufacturers relocating in countries where this ban is not imposed.

Another huge problem relating to this ban and the owners of diesel and petrol ran cars is the implications it will this have on them. The UK is already seeing increases in road tax on petrol and diesel vehicles so what will it mean come 2040. People could be paying extortionate amounts of money just to tax their car. How does the government propose to swap the millions of cars currently on the roads for ones that run on renewable energy?

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